Multiple hats... more than a fashion statement.

Versatility is a virtue. It grows stronger when paired with a real-world sensibility that can only be gleaned from years in the trenches. That's Jules in a nutshell. Whether advising CEOs or collaborating with marketing teams, she brings senior thinking and proven versatility to every relationship.

Jules works closely with you and your team to ensure that all goals are clearly understood. She then presents a broadscale view of your playing field to make certain that all marketing components function as one, to produce desired impact and tangible results.

Jules actually wears more shoes than she does hats. But nobody ever linked versatility to a shoe fetish.

Corporate and Brand Positioning
Who are you (really), why do you matter and who do you matter to? How you clarify and communicate this information is crucial to achieving business focus and overall success.

Brand Strategy Development
Using customer intelligence as a guide, the brand strategy presents an accurate, consolidated view of your market, messages and action imperatives to help your brand find its way.

Marketing Planning
Rock-solid strategies are futile without a plan to activate them. Thoughtful marketing planning merges strategic thinking with targeted, budget-wise tactics to drive deliberate and powerful results.

Creative Supervision
Creatives work wonders when clear strategies propel their imagination. Collaborative supervision facilitates right-brain/left-brain thinking and creative execution that firmly hits its mark.

Management Consulting
Every team environment presents unique opportunities and challenges. Utilize tailored analysis and focused action planning to get the most out of your team.

Project Management
Whether you’re prepping for solo flight or a three ring circus, rest assured of soup-to-nuts planning and hands-on execution.

Business and Creative Copywriting
More than words on a page, well-crafted copy can inform and inspire… and bring your voice to life.